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About Me

After managing to escape what seems like a lifetime in the corporate world, I am now pursuing my passion for photography.


I have loved photography all my life. I gained a degree in the subject at Plymouth College of Art & Design in the days of darkrooms and light boxes, over 25 years ago. And it continued to be a passion (and hobby!) while I forged a career in marketing.

But sometimes you just have a scratch that needs to be itched, so the time felt right and I launched Beeches Photography.

My aim is to delight. Photography for me is about capturing a moment that can last forever. Whether it be a portrait, landscape, a wedding or helping sell your goods or services, each project (big or small) is treated with the same attention to detail to create the best imagery possible.


As for the name? Well, I am located in Carshalton Beeches in Surrey, and who doesn't like trees! 

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